Five For Friday

There’s so much great content out there, so I decided to do a weekly post on Fridays featuring 5 great links. Here goes the first one!

  1. Seth Godin: Three Marketing Lessons from Broadway. I’m a HUGE Broadway fan, having performed in six local productions of musicals. If you can’t yet tell, anything that connects the arts with business is a WIN in my book.
  2. Fast Company: 5 Ways Women Can Stick Together in the Workplace. There’s so much discussion about the glass ceiling, pay disparity between men and women, and other unfairness that women endure in business. But sometimes, the worst thing is women working against other women. Let’s be a team, ladies.
  3. New York Times: For Women in Midlife, Career Gains Slip Away. Falling into the “other unfairness” category from above… this article shows the compassion of women, but from the angle that they are “giving up” their career. What good is a career if you “give up” taking care of your own family?
  4. The Grid: President Snow Launches Campaign with Striking Ad. Good example of unique, effective advertising. Cue whistle…
  5. Mashable: 21 World Cup-Loving Dogs. This is just for fun. Who doesn’t want to look at cute pictures of dogs?!

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