Five for Friday {July 11}

It’s been a fun week getting back from vacation, ha! Here are some good reads from the week.


  1. EntreLeadership: How to Take a Vacation Without Losing Your Mind or Your Business                                          Vacations are so important for your wellbeing, and just to get out and explore the world beyond our bubble! But it can be hard to leave the business behind. But do it!
  2. Levo: How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work From Home                                                                          Working from home isn’t for everyone. But if you’re disciplined and follow a schedule, it can be awesome!
  3. Fast Company: The Daily Routines Of 26 Of History’s Most Creative Minds                                                        I’m always interested in the “routines” of people. This is fun.
  4. EntreLeadership: 3 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid                                                                                              Fearing failure, hiring too quickly, and thinking no one can do it as well as you can. Solid advice.
  5. Levo: How to dress for casual Friday                                                                                                                This goes for casual business meetings, too…

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