Five for Friday {July 25}

Next week is August. That’s crazy! Hopefully 2H2014 goals are set and you’re all on the right track to meet them.

  1. Politico: Benny Johnson and Buzzfeed’s Achilles’ Heel. A fascinating look at Buzzfeed’s “curation.”
  2. Fast Company: 5 Ways to Stay Focused In a World Full of Distractions. Because we all get distracted.
  3. Levo: The Anatomy of a Power Outfit. Because what we wear does matter.
  4. Mashable: How Apple Is Forging Deeper Connections Between Desktop and Mobile. Because having to email yourself something is just too annoying.
  5. Bustle: What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening, or My Entire Life is a Lie. This is just for fun. Or really it’s to make myself feel better for not wasting so much time for taking perfectly Instagrammable selfies.

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