Five For Friday {August 8}

This time next week I will be 27. Crazy!


  1. Fast Company: Why the Most Successful Organizations Have Women and Millennials in Charge
    • Good stuff. 
  2. Fast Company: The 5 Annoying Emails Everyone Gets and How to Respond to Them
    • The reply-all explosion happens way too often.
  3. Levo: 9 Tools Needed to Work From Home
    • I don’t have all of these, but it’s a pretty good list.
  4. Mashable: 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture at Work 
    • For those of us that spend too much time looking at our computer screen…
  5. Fast Company: 10 Ways to Sit Less At Work 
    • Another one that’s good for all of us who are hunched over a computer all day…

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