Five for Friday {August 15}

It’s my birthday week, y’all!


  1. Ad Age: American Heart Association Wants to Tug at Your Heart Strings
    • My question: Why didn’t they do this sooner? There’s been a huge shift toward emotion-driven content in the past few years, and the AHA’s message is emotional.
  2. Ragan: 6 Soul-crushing Professional Habits
    • Over-explaining yourself. Yep. And not taking your lunch break. Double check.
  3. Ad Age: Six More Media and Marketing Buzzwords that Must Die.
    • The buzzing!
  4. 8 Bosses Favorite Interview Questions
    • Love this: “Tell me about a time you broke the rule.”
  5. The Muse: The 10 Defining Traits of an Amazing Leader
    • Positivity. Delegation. Inspiration.

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