Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 5}

Happy Friday!


  1. Fast Company:’s Redesign Aims to Revive an Internet Giant
    • The 1990’s called and wants its back. Finally time for the site to get with the program!
  2. Entrepreneur: What Emmy-Winner ‘Breaking Bad’ Teaches Us About Brand Management
    • Offer the highest quality. Be consistent. Be the one who knocks.
  3. Fast Company: The 7 Common (and Totally Avoidable) Mistakes New Managers Make
    • This article makes a really good point: New managers are used to being “stars.” The transition from “teacher’s pet” to “teacher” can be difficult.
  4. Entrepreneur: Do Unique Titles Change the Way We See Job Roles?
    • People need to know what their job is. What better way to guide them in their responsibilities than to give them a specific title?
  5. Advertising Age: The Real Mad Men Diaries: Jane Maas
    • Fascinating look into what it was like to be a woman on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s. I love “Mad Men,” but this is real life.

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