Marketing + Management Must-Reads {November 14, 2014}

Only two weeks until Black Friday! 😉

  1. Tech Republic: General Electric’s head of global digital programming on using Instagram for storytelling
    • Everyone is trying to crack the Instagram formula for marketing. Good stuff here.
  2. AmEx Open Forum: 5 Ways to Avoid Wasting Other People’s Time
    • We all appreciate it.
  3. Entrepreneur: 4 Cool-Headed Strategies for Responding to Negative Comments Online
    • Don’t freak out about negative comments; that’s what the Interwebz does.
  4. Fast Company: 4 Habits of Good Listeners
    • Managers especially need to listen more than they speak. It’s hard for some people, though.
  5. Fast Company: The Definitive Case For Being A More Compassionate Boss
    • Less Gordon Ramsay, more Michael Scott

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