A new job

I’ve always been about balance. When I was little, I balanced school and homework with ballet classes and performances. In high school, I balanced college classes, dance and student government (plus some). And in grad school, I balanced insane classes with internships and a long-distance relationship.

Balance is something I need in life. If I was only dedicated to my career, I’d burn out. If I “followed my passion” and purely pursued dance, I’d burn out. If I was solely a “domestic goddess” I’d lose my mind. Somehow I’ve managed to balance a progressing career with pursuing my passion as a side hustle while maintaining a house, caring for a dog and traveling.

In July, I took on yet another role when I was promoted to “mom.” Before that, I had to balance work and everything else with pregnancy (thankful it was a fairly uneventful one).

This blog is going to become dedicated to my new life. I’m going to continue to write about marketing and management and dance, but with mix-ins on being a working (work-at-home at that!) mother. It’s all about balance.

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