{Remaining} 2017 Reading List

According to Dave Ramsey, the average millionaire reads one non-fiction book every month.

Besides that fact, I’ve decided that I need to soak up some knowledge given my new work situation. So I’m putting together a reading list of books to read between now and the end of the year. Some of them are focused on business, and some are more about improving and growing as a person (as a spouse, parent, believer, etc) — after all, it’s all about balance.

Here’s the list of books I plan to read, in no particular order:

  1. The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive by Patrick Lencioni
  2. Built to Last by Jim Collins
  3. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  4. How to be a Power Connector by Judy Robinett
  5. The Wisdom of Teams by Jon R. Katzenbach
  6. Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk
  7. Good to Great by Jim Collins
  8. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
  9. The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins



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