I am a Christian, wife, mother, dog owner/lover, marketing + communications executive, home owner, traveler, dancer/dance teacher, alumna of The Florida State University and The Georgetown University, avid FSU football fan, and much, much more.
I strongly believe in living a balanced life. Now that I’m a mom AND a full-time marketing executive, balance is even more important.
Dance came into my life when I was 3, and it has continued to be a significant part of who I am through high school, college, graduate school, to now.
Professionally, my career is in the marketing/communication world with a touch of leadership mixed in (it has to be for people who are mid- or senior-level managers).
My family is the most important part of my life. My husband David, daughter Claire, and dog Charlie are the inspirations in my life.
All of this has been given to me by my creator and savior. And it is for Jesus Christ that I try to work at everything with all of my heart. While I’m far from perfect, I try to keep everything balanced, and let the passions of my life guide my happiness, and my Jesus guide my joy, contentment and peace.

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