Marketing + Management Must-Reads {November 7, 2014}

Now that the 2014 midterm election is over, can we stop with the constant political commentating? No? Oh, ok. Now to distract myself with more important things…   Human Work Place (via LinkedIn): Five Things You Owe Your Employer – And Five You Don’t Employers deserve your best work. But you shouldn’t sacrifice your health or your personal life to give it to them. Fast … Continue reading Marketing + Management Must-Reads {November 7, 2014}

Marketing + Management Must-Reads {October 31, 2014}

Happy Halloween! Time: 9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt Respond quickly, and be crisp in your delivery. Fast Company: 4 Ways to Earn a Leadership Position Levo League: How to Feel More Powerful on a Daily Basis She decided to take action, and ask for what she wanted… Life Hacker: Three Rules to Follow When You Live With Someone Who Works From Home Respect our … Continue reading Marketing + Management Must-Reads {October 31, 2014}

Marketing + Management Must Reads {October 10, 2014}

Entrepreneur: This Horribly Insensitive Marketing Campaign Is Everything Marketing Shouldn’t Be Yikes… Levo: 3 Reasons You Should Never Say Yes Don’t let your “yes” take away from something more important. Entrepreneur: Motivate Your Employees in 3 Steps More inspiration. Less micromanagement. Fast Company: Office Role-Play? Meet the people who pretend to work at an office together. What? Mashable: Uncomfortable Facebook Situations to Avoid at All Costs Continue reading Marketing + Management Must Reads {October 10, 2014}

Business and Marketing Must-Reads {October 3, 2014}

Sorry I missed last week. We were in crisis mode at work! Entreleadersip: Your Marketing Plan Won’t Succeed Without This First Step Dave Ramsey wins at marketing. Pay attention. Hubspot: Why Coupons Work [Infographic] Coupons give you so many more promotional opportunities. Fast Company: Trick Yourself into Accomplishing Your Goals Make a list. Check it twice. Entrepreneur: The Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers … Continue reading Business and Marketing Must-Reads {October 3, 2014}

Business + Marketing Must Reads {September 19, 2014}

Fast Company: The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered Why it’s not really a good idea to hire a millennial for that social media / digital job… 7 Life Lessons from Truett Cathy Good insights from the founder of the best fast food restaurant on the planet. EntreLeadership: Tips for Applying the Golden Rule Yes to grace. No to micromanagement. Fast Company: The Exact Amount Of … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must Reads {September 19, 2014}

Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 12}

Levo’s Tips on Working with Remote Managers With more flexibility, including working from home or in different offices across the country — or world! — this is very helpful advice. Harvard Business Review: 9 Habits That Lead to Terrible Decisions Laziness + indecisiveness Ragan: 8 qualities that make great bosses unforgettable Mashable: Cut Down on Paperwork and Emails With These Streamlined Apps and Tools Fast Company: 5 Ways … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 12}

Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 5}

Happy Friday!   Fast Company:’s Redesign Aims to Revive an Internet Giant The 1990’s called and wants its back. Finally time for the site to get with the program! Entrepreneur: What Emmy-Winner ‘Breaking Bad’ Teaches Us About Brand Management Offer the highest quality. Be consistent. Be the one who knocks. Fast Company: The 7 Common (and Totally Avoidable) Mistakes New Managers Make This article makes … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 5}

Five for Friday {August 29, 2014}

It’s the last Friday in August. And it’s officially college football season! How Great Communication Saved a Company Fast Company: Amazon Updates Their Login Screen For The First Time In A Decade Mashable: Why Employee Engagement Is Critical to Corporate Success If your employees aren’t engaged, why would your customers be? Levo League: The Art of Saying No The devotional I read this morning included a striking quote: “Whenever … Continue reading Five for Friday {August 29, 2014}

Five for Friday {August 22, 2014}

Back to the grind. It’s back-to-school week here. And it’s almost back-to-dance time for me!   Fast Company: 6 Tech Leaders on What it Takes to Get Hired at Their Companies Mashable: 6 Tips for Managing People Who Are Older Than You Good stuff for all managers. Mashable: 17 Musical Lyrics to Express Your Internet Struggle Broadway + the Internet collide… Fast Company: A CTO … Continue reading Five for Friday {August 22, 2014}

Five for Friday {August 15}

It’s my birthday week, y’all!   Ad Age: American Heart Association Wants to Tug at Your Heart Strings My question: Why didn’t they do this sooner? There’s been a huge shift toward emotion-driven content in the past few years, and the AHA’s message is emotional. Ragan: 6 Soul-crushing Professional Habits Over-explaining yourself. Yep. And not taking your lunch break. Double check. Ad Age: Six More … Continue reading Five for Friday {August 15}