Birthdays at The Office

When I worked in an office (my first “real” job), birthdays were always recognized with an all-office gathering complete with cupcakes. Of course, the company was a small startup agency lead by younger executives. As the company grew, it seemed like there was less emphasis on recognizing birthdays, and more on just powering through work. We’d still gather for birthdays, but the conversation would turn … Continue reading Birthdays at The Office

FIve for Friday {August 1}

Rabbit rabbit! Cheers to my birthday month!   Hub Spot: 7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Email Marketing. Particularly interesting stat: 20% of your annual openers do so after being inactive for 6 months. Cue “He’s not dead yet!” from Spamalot. Fast Company: 5 Free Apps for Keeping Up With The Headlines. I still prefer The Skimm, though. Ad Age: Eight Media and Marketing Buzzwords … Continue reading FIve for Friday {August 1}

Five for Friday {July 25}

Next week is August. That’s crazy! Hopefully 2H2014 goals are set and you’re all on the right track to meet them. Politico: Benny Johnson and Buzzfeed’s Achilles’ Heel. A fascinating look at Buzzfeed’s “curation.” Fast Company: 5 Ways to Stay Focused In a World Full of Distractions. Because we all get distracted. Levo: The Anatomy of a Power Outfit. Because what we wear does matter. Mashable: How Apple … Continue reading Five for Friday {July 25}

Five for Friday {July 4}

Happy Fourth of July!   Secrets for Success from Mark Cuban. Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. That probably helps a lot. Seth Godin: More information doesn’t always make you happier. Truth. Levo: Is it time to give up? Good question. Fast Company: The Art of the Vacation Auto-responder. Relevant during the summet season. Mashable: Entrepreneur Barbie Joins LinkedIn. Waiting for the case study on this … Continue reading Five for Friday {July 4}

Bereavement and the workplace Most anyone who enters the workforce thinks about achieving a management position — whether it’s managing a group of people in a department, or managing an entire company. We usually think about being “in charge,” making the decisions, or just having your contributions to the company be acknowledged via a promotion. But there are many facets to managing people that have nothing to do … Continue reading Bereavement and the workplace