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I’m excited to be an official member of the Forbes Communications Council! Looking forward to contributing to the council through articles and expert panels on communications-related topics. Executive Profile: Continue reading Forbes Communication Council

Marketing + Management Must-Reads {October 31, 2014}

Happy Halloween! Time: 9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt Respond quickly, and be crisp in your delivery. Fast Company: 4 Ways to Earn a Leadership Position Levo League: How to Feel More Powerful on a Daily Basis She decided to take action, and ask for what she wanted… Life Hacker: Three Rules to Follow When You Live With Someone Who Works From Home Respect our … Continue reading Marketing + Management Must-Reads {October 31, 2014}

Marketing + Management Must Reads {October 10, 2014}

Entrepreneur: This Horribly Insensitive Marketing Campaign Is Everything Marketing Shouldn’t Be Yikes… Levo: 3 Reasons You Should Never Say Yes Don’t let your “yes” take away from something more important. Entrepreneur: Motivate Your Employees in 3 Steps More inspiration. Less micromanagement. Fast Company: Office Role-Play? Meet the people who pretend to work at an office together. What? Mashable: Uncomfortable Facebook Situations to Avoid at All Costs Continue reading Marketing + Management Must Reads {October 10, 2014}

Business and Marketing Must-Reads {October 3, 2014}

Sorry I missed last week. We were in crisis mode at work! Entreleadersip: Your Marketing Plan Won’t Succeed Without This First Step Dave Ramsey wins at marketing. Pay attention. Hubspot: Why Coupons Work [Infographic] Coupons give you so many more promotional opportunities. Fast Company: Trick Yourself into Accomplishing Your Goals Make a list. Check it twice. Entrepreneur: The Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers … Continue reading Business and Marketing Must-Reads {October 3, 2014}

Business + Marketing Must Reads {September 19, 2014}

Fast Company: The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered Why it’s not really a good idea to hire a millennial for that social media / digital job… 7 Life Lessons from Truett Cathy Good insights from the founder of the best fast food restaurant on the planet. EntreLeadership: Tips for Applying the Golden Rule Yes to grace. No to micromanagement. Fast Company: The Exact Amount Of … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must Reads {September 19, 2014}

Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 12}

Levo’s Tips on Working with Remote Managers With more flexibility, including working from home or in different offices across the country — or world! — this is very helpful advice. Harvard Business Review: 9 Habits That Lead to Terrible Decisions Laziness + indecisiveness Ragan: 8 qualities that make great bosses unforgettable Mashable: Cut Down on Paperwork and Emails With These Streamlined Apps and Tools Fast Company: 5 Ways … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 12}

Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 5}

Happy Friday!   Fast Company:’s Redesign Aims to Revive an Internet Giant The 1990’s called and wants its back. Finally time for the site to get with the program! Entrepreneur: What Emmy-Winner ‘Breaking Bad’ Teaches Us About Brand Management Offer the highest quality. Be consistent. Be the one who knocks. Fast Company: The 7 Common (and Totally Avoidable) Mistakes New Managers Make This article makes … Continue reading Business + Marketing Must-Reads {September 5}

Five for Friday {August 29, 2014}

It’s the last Friday in August. And it’s officially college football season! How Great Communication Saved a Company Fast Company: Amazon Updates Their Login Screen For The First Time In A Decade Mashable: Why Employee Engagement Is Critical to Corporate Success If your employees aren’t engaged, why would your customers be? Levo League: The Art of Saying No The devotional I read this morning included a striking quote: “Whenever … Continue reading Five for Friday {August 29, 2014}

Five for Friday {August 15}

It’s my birthday week, y’all!   Ad Age: American Heart Association Wants to Tug at Your Heart Strings My question: Why didn’t they do this sooner? There’s been a huge shift toward emotion-driven content in the past few years, and the AHA’s message is emotional. Ragan: 6 Soul-crushing Professional Habits Over-explaining yourself. Yep. And not taking your lunch break. Double check. Ad Age: Six More … Continue reading Five for Friday {August 15}

Five for Friday {July 25}

Next week is August. That’s crazy! Hopefully 2H2014 goals are set and you’re all on the right track to meet them. Politico: Benny Johnson and Buzzfeed’s Achilles’ Heel. A fascinating look at Buzzfeed’s “curation.” Fast Company: 5 Ways to Stay Focused In a World Full of Distractions. Because we all get distracted. Levo: The Anatomy of a Power Outfit. Because what we wear does matter. Mashable: How Apple … Continue reading Five for Friday {July 25}